Oraxes was a human wizard from Luthcheq.[1]


In his youth, he was forced to live in the arcane ghetto with other magic-users. He supported himself using his art to commit petty crimes.[1]

When Chessenta went to war with Threskel in 1479 DR, Oraxes fought alongside the Brotherhood of the Griffon. While fighting for the Brotherhood, he fell in love with a young necromancer named Meralaine.[2] Oraxes later joined the Brotherhood and was assigned to remain in Threskel, supposedly hunting for resisters loyal to Alasklerbanbastos while Aoth Fezim was in Akanûl. When wyrmkeepers from the Church of Tiamat showed up at the Brotherhood's encampment, he used an illusion to make them believe he was Aoth. The wyrmkeepers saw through the disguise and captured both Oraxes and Meralaine. They managed to escape, killing several wyrmkeepers in the process.[3]


Oraxes was rebellious and quick to anger.[1]


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