Orb alur, meaning "superior spider", was a fighting style taught among drow. Its purpose was to enable a single person to strike many enemies at once.[1]


The style had elements of the bautha z'hin and kyorlin plynn styles and showed itself in sweeping movements to cover a wide area and with it many enemies. The basic idea was to tumble into the midst of enemies and strike all of them down in one strike. Whether successful at killing all enemies at once or not, the show of prowess often did crush enemies' morale and caused them to flee.[1]


The style was difficult to master and took a long time to do so.[1]


Practitioners of this style were truly valued in drow society. They were showered with special privileges by the noble houses.[1]



This style is based on the Whirlwind Attack feat of 3rd-edition Dungeons & Dragons and the prerequisite feats.


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