Orc Pantheon

The Orc pantheon in this order from the right: Bahgtru, Ilneval, Gruumsh, Shargaas, Yurtrus and on the lower row under gruumsh: Luthic.

The orc pantheon consists of the various gods of the orcs. They reside on the plane of Nishrek. These consist of:

  • Gruumsh One-eye, a greater god of storms and war, and of orcs. He is the leader of the orc deities.
  • Luthic, lesser goddess of fertility, medicine, and orc females; the consort of Gruumsh.
  • Ilneval, lesser god of war strategy, orc cross-breeds, and destruction.
  • Bahgtru, god of brute strength.
  • Shargaas, god of darkness and night, stealth, thieves, and undead.
  • Yurtrus, a feared god of death and disease.


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