The Order of the Aster was a militant order that served Lathander the Morninglord in the 14th century DR.[1][2][3]


The order was loosely organized and comprised crusaders, fighters, and paladins dedicated to Lathander.[1][2][3] The paladins could cross-train as clerics, divine champions, divine disciples, hierophants, and even Purple Dragon knights.[2][3]


As paladins, they were often more conservative and by-the-book than clerics of Lathander.[2]


Members usually defended Lathanderite shrines and temples commanded large military forces levied by the church of Lathander when required. Individual shrines and temples of Lathander typically did not maintain significant defensive forces of their own, owing to the cost, so they instead usually retained the Order's services to guard their holy sites, in appropriate numbers. When not thus engaged, the holy warriors of the Order wandered the realms promoting the faith of Lathander and doing good deeds in his name.[1]


Lathander's paladins stood were some of the most loved heroes of the Realms, and the Order of the Aster was no exception.[2]




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