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The Order of the Aster is a militaristic organization that serves Lathander.

Paladins of the Morninglord are among the best-loved heroes of Faerûn. They are loosely organized (along with other fighters devoted to the god) into a holy order called the Order of the Aster. Within their own church, the paladins are frequently more conservative and concerned with the way things should be done than the clerics, who are often neutral rather than lawful.[1]

Members of this order protect temples and shrines, serve to lead large military groups, levied as needed to serve the church, and roam the land seeking to do good in their gods name, promoting his worship. Individual temples and shrines of Lathander do not usually maintain standing military forces of any substantial size due to their cost and upkeep, although they often retain warriors and members of the Order to guard their establishments in numbers that each temple decides is appropriate.[2]


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