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The Order of the Chalice is the organization to which all Knights of the Chalice, along with those whom are aspiring to that prestige class, belong. Members of the order devote themselves entirely to the organization's primary mission: the complete eradication of demons in the multiverse. To this end, they seek out and destroy demons wherever they exist on the Material Plane, while also carry out well-planned excursions against targets within the Abyss itself. These stalwart knights have battled demonkind in every place and every situation, many having sacrificed their lives to the cause. Nonetheless, the group's various succeses have had enough of an impact that their existence has become a concern to the demon princes themselves.

The Order of the Chalice considers its hard-won victories to be the necessary precursors to an inevitable triumph. The leaders of the order have researched the Abyss in considerable detail, deciding that the powerful demon princes should be targeted, eradicated and thus removed from power, causing the descent of the remaining demon hordes into infighting. They have come to the conclusion that the groups who do not simply eradicate one another in the struggle for supremacy will splinter, resulting in divisions that will be much easier for the order to confront and vanquish.

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