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The Order of the Golden Lion was a paladin order of Torm.[1]


Members of the the Order, known as Golden Lions, guarded temples of deities whose worshipers Torm's church had persecuted during the Time of Troubles. This act of aiding other goodly faiths is called the Penance of Duty.[1]

Along with the Penance of Duty, the Tormtar must also fulfill the Debt of Dereliction (the act of expending every resource possible to eliminate cults of Cyric and Bane), and the Debt of Destruction (the act of locating and recording areas of dead/wild magic and repairing the Weave). As the Order was created during the renaissance of Torm's church, it has enjoyed a notable diversity in regard to the skills (classes) and races of its Tormtar.[citation needed]


The Order of the Golden Lion was led by Sir Dylan Lionshand in 1372 DR.[2]

High Cleric Barriltar Bhandraddon serves as Torm's pontiff and rules from the magnificent Temple of Torm's Coming in Tantras. From this place, the pontiff has extended Torm's reach and worship by sponsoring continent-wide knightly orders, including the prestigious Order of the Golden Lion.[citation needed]



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