The Order of the Jade Blade were the personal agents of the High Lord of Loudwater.

Two adventuring parties who had earned the respect of the Gauntlets of Loudwater were brought before High Lord Kalahar Twohands whose son, Velvred had been kidnapped and was being held in one of the Rensha tombs beneath the High Lord's Hall. Kalahar himself had been warned by divinations that if he were to enter the tombs he would surely be killed so he sent the two groups into the tombs in his stead. When the adventurers returned with Velvred, Kalahar inducted them all into the order which is named after the green bastard sword originally wielded by Nanathlor Greysword that had become Loudwater's symbol of office.

Members of the order became heroes of the city and later of Waterdeep as well before returning to Loudwater to help save it from a Zhentarim invasion.

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