The Order of the Radiant Heart is a fraternity of lawful good paladins and clerics that operates throughout Faerûn. Members of the order devote themselves to fighting evil and injustice, maintaining peace and upholding the law. The Order has followers of many goodly deities in its ranks, but the knights of the Order mainly venerate the gods Torm, Tyr and Helm. The Order's motto is: "The courage of one can change the destiny of many."[1]

Most Noble Order of the Radiant HeartEdit

This is the senior branch of the Order, comprised of dutiful paladins of at least forty years of age. It is an exclusive division that commands respect from the highest ranks of the aristocracy, who regard its members as dignitaries in their own right. This wing of the Order maintains only 25 members at any one time. New candidates are considered only when one of the members dies or voluntarily steps down.[1]

Joining the OrderEdit

In order to become a fully-fledged knight of the Order, applicants must have shown exceptional dedication and be of at least forty years of age; younger members join the ranks of the Radiant Heart Auxiliary. Paladins who wish to enroll must also have two sponsors: a member of the royalty of his homeland and an active member of the order. The Radiant Heart honors not only distinguished service, but what is perhaps the most remarkable accomplishment of any paladin – a long life.[1]

Council of PrelatesEdit

Each individual branch of The Order of the Radiant Heart is led by a council of three High Officers called Prelates, all of whom must have been a member in good standing for ten or more years. Decisions are made when a paladin called the Chancellor (also a High Officer) makes suggestions, and the Prelates reach a consensus. When a Prelate dies or retires, the Chancellor takes his place, at which time a new Chancellor is appointed. All of the High Officers have a tattoo of the order's emblem on their left wrist.[1]

Dismissal from the OrderEdit

A member who violates his vow to the Order or commits an act heinous enough to cost him his paladinhood is beheaded. Fleeing members are hunted down.[1]

Baldur's Gate seriesEdit

In the game Baldur's Gate, the Order of the Radiant Heart sends the squire paladin Ajantis Ilvastarr to deal with the bandit raids and iron crisis plaguing the sword coast. This mission is a kind of initiation test for Ajantis; if he succeeds, the Order agrees to take his promotion to knighthood into consideration.

The Order of the Radiant Heart features prominently in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, as a large section of the game takes place in Athkatla, the location of one of the Order's headquarters. It is possible for the player to perform tasks for the Order, and to even join the Order if the player character is a paladin. Both Keldorn Firecam and Anomen Delryn appear in the game, and can be recruited into the player's party.

Base of OperationsEdit

In the game, the Order's main headquarters is located in the temple district of Athkatla, the capital city of Amn. It is an imposing building called the High Hall of the Radiant Heart, and it towers over even some of the largest temples in the city, as a monument to the Order's power and influence. If the player character is a Paladin, the High Hall of the Radiant Heart may be used as a stronghold.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Prelate Wessalen, one of the three Prelates of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart in Athkatla
  • Sir Keldorn Firecam, a famed and respected paladin of Torm who appears in the game Baldur's Gate II
  • Anomen Delryn, a warrior priest of Helm and member of the Radiant Heart Auxiliary



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