The Order of the Risen Scepter was an elite military order dedicated to the god Osiris in Mulhorand in the 14th century DR.[1][2][3]


Members were drawn exclusively from those who had died in honorable battle with servants of Set and been raised from the dead by a priest of Osiris, or sometimes spontaneously by the power of Osiris himself.[1][2]

They were primarily paladins and rangers of good and lawful nature. Paladins of the order could train freely as rangers.[1][2][3]


Members were highly resistant to death magic and effects that drained energy or vitality.[3]

If killed by Set's minions with unjust or dishonorable means (those that violated maat), as was common, whether before or after joining, members returned to life healthier than before, suffering no setback.[1][3] Furthermore, they could rise from the dead on their own, without any assistance. However, this didn't occur if they were killed by any other foe or honorable means.[2] They were resurrected one hour later. Those risen from the dead only carried an impediment until they fully advanced or they slew the follower of Set who'd slain them.[3]


Although grim, they were surprisingly casual towards death, given their ease of resurrection. Because of this, they focused entirely on hunting Set's followers.[2] Not even death would stop them this goal.[3]


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