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Ordulin was the former capital of Sembia but was destroyed in a planar rift summoned by Elyril, one of Shar's followers.[2] There was a constant ominous cloud above the city, along with a lone earthmote with a Shadovar citadel resting atop it.[1]


The land that Ordulin later sat on was one of the first human settlements in the interior Heartlands. Then known as Moondale and considered part of the Dalelands, it was founded just after the raising of the Standing Stone. By 700 DR Moondale was a farming settlement of cleared land. Around 1067 DR, the nation of Sembia annexed Moondale and renamed it Ordulin.[3] Ordulin was chosen as Sembia's capital as it was free of the interference of the older Sembian cites.[4]

When Netheril took over Sembia, a planar rift ripped a magical nexus from the Shadowfell, consuming Ordulin and leaving a city-sized storm of wild shadow magic known as the Ordulin Maelstrom.[1]


A map of Ordulin in 1358 DR.

In 1484 DR, the floating Netherese city of Sakkors was deliberately crashed into Ordulin by Magadon Kest in order to destroy the Maelstrom and weaken Shar's influence.[5]



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