Oreioth was a necromancer hiding in Red Larch during the Elemental Evil crisis.[1]


Oreioth had always been cruel, but after his self-exile to Red Larch with only the company of his undead servitors, he became a true megalomaniac. He barely recognized his own name and dreamed of founding a kingdom of undead minions with himself on the throne.[2] He considered himself the "Lord of Lance Rock" and hoped to protect his "kingdom" from invaders.

When adventurers defeated him, he was so insane that he acted out grotesque comedies in his necromancer cave. He had animated three undead for entertainment. One was was dressed as a bear, another as a lady in a frilly dress and thick makeup, the last as a jester with jingling bells.[1]


Oreioth was born into a noble family in Baldur's Gate. In his youth, he showed a cruel streak that embarrassed his family, so they hired a tutor to channel his undeniable intelligence and curiosity into more positive outlets. Unfortunately, Oreioth's tutor was secretly a necromancer in search of an apprentice. Oreioth quickly became that apprentice and did all manner of dirty jobs for his master. When his usefulness ended, the master necromancer sent Oreioth off to make his own way in the world.

He traveled from town to town, finally establishing a lair near Red Larch. There he began his necromantic research and plotted dreams of conquest.[2]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

In 1491 DR, some adventurers found his cave and they defeated Oreioth and his undead minions. Upon dying, Oreioth turned into a black flame.[1]

Some of his last words were: "Can't you see it?Its the Eye!It sees your every move!Dont you fear it?".This is probably an allusion to the Elder Elemental Eye, an ancient god in Faerun also known as Tharizdun, who had a major role in the Elemental Evil crisis.




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