Oretheo Spikes was a member of, and later the leader of, the Wilddwarf Brigade; a battlerager brigade from Citadel Adbar.[1]


Oretheo was a member of the Wilddwarf Brigade in 1484 DR. In the same year, he was present, together with his leader Crunch, when an Adbar expedition led by King Bromm was attacked by orcs of the Kingdom of Many-Arrows. King Bromm was killed by Hartusk in the attack; Crunch's fate was unknown.[2] Oretheo however survived and became the leader of the Wilddwarves and later took part in all the major battles of the War of the Silver Marches in 1485 DR.[3] Oretheo also led his brigade in the reconquest of Gauntlgrym.[4]





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