Orglym was an elder malaugrym, (a.k.a. shadowmaster) at large in Toril as of the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR.[1]


As a shapeshifter, Orglym could appear as any living thing,[2] but usually appeared as a corpulent male of unnatural proprotions.[1]


Orglym was contemptuous of everyone, even his own kind. He was lazy and preferred to work against his rivals through underlings but enjoyed manipulating and intimidating the few that his minions couldn't touch.[1]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

It was rumored that Orglym killed (and ate) a merchant prince named Ostil of Selgaunt and assumed his identity. If true, then he was in control of a minor slave and textile trading business with a fledgling spy network, and it was thought that he was building these assets into becoming a major player in the region. Recurring skirmishes with agents of the Cult of the Dragon caused speculation that Ostil was going to challenge the organization, but it was possible the altercations were merely the result of growth.[1]


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