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Oriphaun McMaren

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Oriphaun McMaren
Basic Information
Home Procampur, the Vast
Gender male
Race Chondathan human
Patron deity Torm
Rules Information
Alignment Lawful neutral

3rd Edition Statistics
Swordsage 14

Oriphaun McMaren was a Chondathan human swordsage in the city of Procampur in the Vast.

He was a practitioner of blade magic and led an order of crusaders based at a sword-temple in Procampur. They were usually engaged in providing security at major events and noble galas, as well as guarding visiting dignitaries.[1] [note 1]



  1. By the context of the "Class Chronicles: Crusaders, Swordsages, Warblades" article, Oriphaun and his crusader order are implied to follow Torm and are thus likely attached to the House of the Hand. McMaren is listed as a swordsage yet appears in a section about crusaders, suggesting that this in error and that he should be a crusader.


  1. Eytan Bernstein (2007-09-11). Crusaders, Swordsages, Warblades. Class Chronicles. Wizards of the Coast. Retrieved on 2012-03-04.

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