Orlak was a powerful vampire who once ruled Westgate.


Before the Dale Reckoning, Orlak was a powerful vampire. In -286 DR, he proclaimed himself Night King and seized the city of Westgate. Orlak ruled for a century until the adventurer paladin Gen Soleilon defeated the master vampire and stopped his reign. Thought slain, Orlak became the ruler of the Underdark beneath the city.

Finally, in 1370 DR, Orlak turned one of the clones of Manshoon into a vampire, at the beginning of the Manshoon Wars. However, in his first act, Manshoon's vampire clone searched for and destroyed his sire, putting an end to Orlak's undead life.[1]



It is not really clear if it was the same Orlak in -286 DR and 1370 DR.


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