Orlbar was a sleepy village on the junction of the Loagrann and Greyflow rivers, supporting about 450 shepherds[1]


Known as a simple, sleepy town unwilling to grow any larger than it already was. In the summer of 1369 DR a Zhentarim caravan rolled into town and set up a new government. A former lieutenant of Geildarr Ithym of Llorkh, Felishar Ivarzin became leader of the village.[2]

Wary of the Zhentarim having a base of power even closer to them, the leadership of Loudwater planned a coup to free the village from its new masters. Unfortunately the daughter of Deldron Rein, a wealthy arms merchant, turned traitor and tipped off Felishar to the plan and who was behind it, allowing him to put the uprising down easily.

Loudwater, not wishing to invite the full wrath of the Zhentarim, grudgingly signed the Oath of Orlbar, ensuring the Zhentarim's control of the village.

With his seat of power secured, Felishar broke with the cyricist faction of the Zhentarim and joined the xvimlar faction. With the help of Fzain Nerist they quickly built an imposing temple to Xvim over the village and Felishar enacted strict regulations on trade.

The people of Orlbar soon learned that those who practised unauthorised trade would disappear and Felishar promised rewards to those who informed him of such. They became an inslar and paranoid people, effectively forced to convert to the worship of Xvim (and then later Bane) and unwilling to talk with their own neighbours, let alone visitors.

After the Spellplague, Orlbar had apparently been wiped out.

Places of InterestEdit

  • Fortress of the Eternal Despot A large temple to Iyachtu Xvim that was reconsecrated to Bane when he was resurrected in 1372 DR. Built on a bluff that has a commanding view of the entire village and said to have been made with the help of devils. Rumours abound that the temple's cellars went deep underground.
  • The Unblinking Eye tavern. Didn't take any boarders, sold spartan food and watery ale.
  • A small shrine to several faiths could be found in a barn for those with a great desire to pray or sleep.

The ruins of netherese stately homes can be found in the mountainous woods to the north which sometimes draw adventurers.

Grey Vale

Map of the Grey Vale by Dorwin Cooper.


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