Orlil is an island in the country of Lantan.

Not much is really known about Lantan, other than that it consists of 3 separate islands located in the Trackless Sea, north of Chultan peninsula: Lantan proper, which the Sambar Run separates from the southern Suj, and the eastern most and almost uninhabited Orlil. After Captain Cordell from Amn discovered Maztica, Lantaneses, being the westernmost extension of Faerûn along with the reclusive Evermeet and the enigmatic Nimbral, also claimed some lands.

Home of Lantan's Rare Spellcasters Edit

Lantan as a whole is a country focused primarily in the arts and sciences, unlike that which is found in the rest of Abeir-Toril. The Gnomes of Lantan eventually hope to initiate a kind of renaissance in its scientific and mechanical achievements to finally bring about a global age of peace to all gods, races and sub-races. Its greatest mechanical achievement is said to be that of flying machines. As a result, very few Lantanese Gnomes ever delve into the Arcane Arts of spellcasting, but those who do will usually take up residence on the Island of Orlil.

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