Lord Orlpar Husteem was a human living on Golden Serpent Street in the North Ward of Waterdeep and a member of the Husteem noble house.[1]


Orlpar was a trader of drugs, perfumes, spices and wines, although some of his wares were illicit, such as bloodroot. He frequented the Grinning Lion tavern in the North Ward, where he sourced his supply of goods from its proprietor, Unger Farshal.[1]


Orlpar's elder brother was Orbos Husteem, patriarch of the Husteem house.[1]


Orlpar used either a dagger or a rapier in combat, both of which were of masterwork quality. He wore a mithral chain shirt and owned a pair of slippers of spider climbing.[1]


Orlpar operated his day-to-day business from his home address. He employed Hala Myrt to be on the streets of the city in order to acquire customers who were sent to meet Orlpar at the Grinning Lion. Orlpar began his criminal career as a fence of stolen goods, but later moved into dealing in drugs such as haunspeir, mordayn powder and tekkil. He collaborated with the Xanathar Thieves' Guild.[1]


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