The Ormserpent was an enormous reptile of legend for whom the Year of the Ormserpent, 1295 DR, was named.[1]


The word "ormserpent" was a corruption of "wormserpent" and could also refer to nagas.[1]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

The Ormserpent was said to possess the ability to spew forth various other reptiles, at the cost of great personal pain. These reptiles would be spawned in groups of between three and six, which never contained more than two of each kind. It was rumored that if the Ormserpent were to spawn another Ormserpent in this manner, the original would die.[1]

Tales also circulated about a group known as the "Daughters of the Ormserpent". These female-only beings were supposedly vomited out by the Ormserpent only rarely, and were said to be immune to all forms of poison, were able to shapechange into snakes of various sizes, and possessed significant intelligence and determination.[1]

Finally, the Ormserpent was said to be subject of a cult.[1]



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