Ornan Roaryl was the king of Eskorn, Laerakond, as of 1479 DR. He was a member of the Roaryl dynasty.[1]


Ornan was a red-faced, rugged but aging man.[1]


Ornan was a veteran who spent many years fighting outlaws, would-be usurpers, and monsters. He strove to be just and fair, but he had little patience for those who defied him. King Ornan liked plain talk, honest dealings, and subjects who were kind to and supportive of each other.[1]


The common people of Eskorn loved their king, and believed that any setback suffered in the kingdom was the work of his opposition or of evil outsiders. Eskornar nobility, however, didn't held King Ornan in high regard and wanted to either put his daughter, Dlorna Roaryl, as the new Queen of Eskorn, or to usurp the throne, as was the case of the nobles led by Amaunthur Sardron.[2]


Under his rule, King Ornan traveled across Eskorn, bringing his justice across the realm. He was a harsh judge, executing murderers and flogging thieves while proclaiming their crimes. Those who didn't deserved to die were put to work under his knights' services. While he was traveling, he left his servant, Mreskan Haundle, to serve as his seneschal in Stormhelm. He used the Seeing Stones to communicate with Mreskan whenever was needed.[2]


King Ornan was a three times widower who had three children: princes Imrar Roaryl and Flandarr Roaryl, and princess Dlorna Roaryl.[2]


In 1482 DR, King Ornan sent Aylon Kurrat as a diplomat to Lylorn, to help the cities of the Dusk Ports in their rebellion against the green dragon Orlarrakh. King Ornan's plan was to help the Dusk Port overthrow their draconic masters, and eventually seize power over the region. However, King Ornan wasn't aware that Aylon was an agent of Amaunthur, working as an insider to undermine King Ornan's plot.[3]



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