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Geographical information
Aliases City of Loretakers
Type Underdark city
Size Metropolis
Area Lowerdark, Darklands
Societal information
Languages Telepathy, Undercommon
Races Illithids
Religion Ilsensine
Population 26,000 (3,450 mind flayers)

Inhabitants of Oryndoll
Locations in Oryndoll
Organizations in Oryndoll

Oryndoll was a city of mind flayers located beneath the Shining Plains.[1]


  • c. -4000 DR - The duergar rise up against the mind flayers, plunging the city into chaos. Only the appearance of an avatar of Ilsensine is able to calm the city.[3]

Notable inhabitants of OryndollEdit

An illithid who became a lich and was cast out from the city. He went on to incite a revolt of slaves and male drow in Menzoberranzan during the Silence of Lolth in 1372 DR.[4]


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