Osari Daizan was the daimyo of Tifuido in Wa.[1]


Daizan was a good-natured and cheerful individual. He was a good administrator and was loved by his subjects.[1] Daizan greatly respected all artists and musician being himself a good musician.[2]


Osari Daizan was the daimyo of of the city of Tifuido. Until 1348 DR, he was counseled by his uncles Osari Minhiro and Toshi.

In 1358 DR, a numbers of strange killings plagued Fochu and also Toshi was killed. Uncle Minhiro went back to Tifuido and told to Daizan that was all guilty of the evil Za-Jikku. However Daizan not truly believed his uncle's words and acted too slowly.[3]

Later however a dream told him that Minhiro and a foreign adventuring party was fighting the evil. So finally Daizan acknowledged the truth of the tale of Minhiro and started pray for the heroes. An other dream later told him of the defeat of the evil and quickly Daizan went in search of the heroes to congratulate with them.[1]



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