King Osbrun was the king of the city of Chessagol (later called Tsurlagol) in the Vast in the early 1350s DR.[1][note 1]


King Osbrun once bought the shield called Thurbrand's protector from the warrior Thurbrand.

In the Year of the Crown, 1351 DR, the king's treasury and armory were robbed—by magic, some said. This included Thurbrand's protector.[1]



  1. The Magister gives a rather late date (1351 DR) for the presence of kings in "Chessagol", which seems at odds with Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 2nd edition (revised): A Grand Tour of the Realms, which describes government by a council in Tsurlagol in 1367 DR. With 10-year terms, this seems well established yet overlapping the reign of kings. However, there are multiple possible explanations, such as a surviving royal line with no power; an exiled king of another kingdom; or monarchic rule interrupting the oligarchic rule of the Council. This last is particularly fitting with the city's many conquests.


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