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Ostoria (meaning "father's seat" in Jotun) was the original kingdom of the giants, founded by Annam All-Father to celebrate the last of his sons coming of age. At the peak of its power, it was dubbed "The Colossal Kingdom" because it occupied an area of Faerûn from the Vilhon Reach to the Cold Lands. As it grew, Annam split it up so that each of his favored sons could acquire part of it. The capital of Ostoria became a citadel built by Lanaxis called Voninheim.[1]

When the dragons began posing a threat, Ostoria went to war with them.[1] This war would last over a thousand years,[2] and Ostoria was reduced greatly when the end of the war came, restricted to the north of Faerûn.[3]

Ostoria ceased to exist after the death of Ulutiu caused his amulet to freeze a large region of Faerûn's north (present-day Pelvuria), and the deaths of most of Annam's sons, despite Lanaxis's efforts to save the kingdom.[4]


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