Othiiyr Velthrann was a sage of the city of Tsurlagol in the Vast.[1][2]


His life's work was his study of the magic swords of the Royal Guard of King Imphras I and King Imbrar of Impiltur. These swords were among Soargar's Legacy, a collection of the relics of Old Impiltur put together by Mage Royal Soargar, but long since lost. Othiiyr dedicated himself to recording the legends around them, and pieced together the histories of a dozen surviving swords: Ashram, Dornavver, Ellendrin, Felthann, Galathos, Iltornar, Malagar, Palreth, Sarghathuld, Tendar, and Ulfindos.[1][2]

He was able to examine at least one of these swords himself when, in the Year of the Behir, 1342 DR, the thief Gort brought him Ellendrin to identify. Othiiyr offered to buy the sword, but Gort refused, hinting that a contact in the Moonsea had already contracted him to retrieve it. Gort left Othiiyr's house and that was the last anyone admitted seeing him and Ellendrin again.[3]

Othiiyr assisted the Knights of Imphras II in their continuing quest to find the lost swords of Soargar's Legacy. He was still working with them in the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR, though the above dozen swords were still missing.[2]


Othiiyr was a regular correspondent with fellow sage Elminster of Shadowdale, and told him all about the swords Ashram, Ellendrin, Galathos, Malagar, and Sarghathuld.[1]

Othiiyr also worked with the kingdom of Impiltur's Knights of Imphras II, helping them recover the swords of Soargar's Legacy.[2]


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