Ourqax was an ixilthetocal ruler during the Twelfth Serôs War.


Born in 1212 DR, Ourqax started his ascension in 1285 DR at Ilkanar and Ageadren and in a short time became vitanar. However, once on the throne, Ourqax waited for his time to move, becoming the least proactive of all the leaders of the Xedran Reefs.[1]

During the Twelfth Serôs War, the Xedran Reefs lost the cities of Ageadren and Orilidren and the supporting temples at Ilramas, Ilkanar, Ilphaeth, and Ilteon.[2]

After the war, Ourqax focused on rebuilding his people and his nation. However, the loss of the southern cities of the reefs, his birthplace, and the source of political power, started to cause madness and sorrow in the Vitanar.[1]

However, in 1371 DR, Ourqax planned to reclaim his lost cities and also to attack and destroy the outcast merfolk of Thuridru and the rogue vitan Qyxas.[2]



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