Outland priests were clerics, priests, and druids who came to Zakhara from distant lands to practice their beliefs.[1][note 1]


Members of both sexes and all races could be considered an outland priest, though no Zakharan could ever be considered an outland priest.[1]


Though most Zakharan religions preached tolerance, they carefully monitored outland priests and their strange practices and gods.[1]


Outland priests carried whatever equipment and gear was acceptable for their chosen god or goddess.[1]


Outland priests had access to clerical magic that many, if not all, Zakharan priests were unfamiliar with.[1]


Distrust followed an outland priest through the Land of Fate, especially when dealing with other native priests of the Enlightened gods.[1]



  1. Outland priest was a cleric class kit for the Al-Qadim setting.


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