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Outland warriors were special warriors found in Zakhara who traveled there from some other location.[1][note 1]


These warriors had no special requirements.[1]


Outland warriors served a wide variety of roles in the Land of Fate. Most native Zakharans viewed them with a healthy does of curiosity and/or fear.[1]


Outland warriors typically carried armor and weaponry foreign to Zakhara.[1]

Special BenefitsEdit

These warriors did not have any special benefits.[1]

Special HindrancesEdit

Outland warriors stood out in Zakhara like a sore thumb. Their accents were thick, their armor was usually heavy, and their swords were curiously straight. They attracted attention wherever they roamed.[1]



  1. Outland Warrior was a fighter class kit for the Al-Qadim setting.


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