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Overking was a title used by a ruler, equivalent to a king.


The orc kingdom of Vastar was ruled by an overking. Ologh the Overking held the position and created a throne himself, but died in 572 DR, leaving the position of overking vacant.[1][2][3] After a civil war, Grimmerfang seized the throne but took the title Orc-King instead.[1][3]

In 1367 DR, the archmage Yuthrygg of the Many Miracles declared himself overking of Tethyr, but this was contested by Galthaunt the Grimcloak.[4]

The same year, the rulers of the cities of Chessenta considered some joint security measures, including the installation of an overking to protect the nation as a whole. However, they determined that none of them should be raised to overking, and argued over the selection process and possible candidates. Various factions put forth their own candidates.[5]


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