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Owls are nocturnal birds of prey that are known to silently fly through the night in search of food. They feed on small animals, lizards, and other birds. Owls come in a variety of names and appearances.[citation needed]


One disturbing trait of owls is their ability to turn their heads to face completely backwards. They evolved this ability to find prey without having to turn around and give away their position in the forest. Owls are further aided by the structure of their wings. Their wing beats produce no noise, allowing them to approach their targets in utter silence.[citation needed]


Owls are sought out by sages and scholars as they are seen as an excellent companion for those who are considered wise and learned.[citation needed]


Owls were found across the North.[1]

Notable owlsEdit

Catti-brie, a human, was known to take the shape of an owl after her rebirth as Ruqiah.[3]


See alsoEdit

  • Owlbear, a monster that is a cross between an owl and a bear.


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