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Padhra was the faith practiced by almost all of those living in the hidden realm of Ra-Khati.

An Ulgarian prince named Surtava gave up his crown and voluntarily became a beggar in order to seek wisdom and enlightenment. After many years of wandering and meditation, Surtava achieved a state he called "Eaum". He spent his remaining years preaching what he had learned to any who would listen before ascending to the heavens to become the Padhra.

The Padhra faith was broken down into two main philosophies called the "Four Baskets of Wisdom" and the "Sixfold Path". The Four Baskets of Wisdom were the Padhra's basic views on life while the Sixfold Path were the principles with which a follower of the Padhra could achieve Eaum.

The followers of the Padhra were protected by the Padhrasattvas. Supposedly, these creatures were incarnations of the Padhra itself and many followers took specific Padhrasattvas as their patrons, much like someone from outside Ra-Khati would a god.

The leader of the faith was also the leader of the nation of Ra-Khati. This was the Dalai Lama, a man also known as the High One. The Dalai Lama was a very powerful monk and cleric who had ruled for over 100 years as of 1360 DR.


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