Paelinn was a female drow and a divine seeker of Kiaransalee who resided in the Undying Temple in Maerimydra.[3][2]


Attractive, tall, and slim, Paelinn was a young drow with striking emerald eyes and a delicate but angled face. She kept her yellow-white hair in a tight pulled-back bun. Typically she wrapped herself in a voluminous black piwafwi and kept the hood of the cloak up over her head.[4]


A proactive drow, Paelinn preferred to take the initiative in most situations and was a highly tactical thinker. As an avid devotee of Kiaransalee, she often sought the most effective and efficient way of harming her enemies. She was not above executing a defeated foe or retreating if a fight turned against her.[4]


Paelinn was a rogue possessed of extraordinary grace and moved elegantly and almost entirely silently. This was further enhanced by her magical silent moves studded leather and fine gloves of dexterity. In combat, she combined her phenomenal agility with her tactical mind to unleash devastatingly timed attacks in a whirling dervish, all the while tumbling and maneuvering into new positions.[4][2]

Notably, Paelinn was highly trained in the arts of a divine seeker of Kiaransalee. Imbued with powers from her deity above and beyond those of an ordinary mortal, Paelinn could call upon a number of abilities. She had the uncanny ability to locate objects or creatures from a great distance and thwart all manner of glyphs. Furthermore, Kiaransalee helped ward Paelinn and gave her a protection against all manner of effects and even grievous injury.[2]


Complementing her stealthy and deadly fighting style was a voluminous black piwafwi and silent moves studded leather armor, both of which helped her move about almost imperceptibly. Furthermore, she wielded a thin rapier of wounding that the merest nick from could cause unending bleeding. In addition, Paelinn wore a set of slippers of spider climbing that let her reach hiding spots an ordinary person couldn't. From there she could use her hand crossbow, tipped with either deathblade or drow poison to deadly or debilitating effect.[4][2]

Alongside her professional armaments, Paelinn was outfitted with a set of gloves that enhanced her dexterity, a ring of protection +2, an amulet of natural armor +2 and a number of healing potions; all of which helped to give her an edge in a variety of situations.[2]

Additionally, Paelinn was afforded a great amount of luxury, owing to her station as a divine seeker of Kiaransalee. In the Undying Temple, her chamber was decorated with numerous finely crafted ornaments and furniture. Most notable among these was a portable shrine that Paelinn possessed, it depicted a triptych of her goddess, Kiaransalee; the leader of the goddess's cult in Faerûn, Larynda Telenna; and the divine champion, Gurdren Myrinn.[5]


Paelinn generally operated alone, using her skills to pursue enemies of the cult or locate hard-to-find items. As a devoted servant of the cult of Kiaransalee, she held its leaders, Larynda Telenna and Gurdren Myrinn in high regard.[1] While stationed in the Undying Temple during the Silence of Lolth, Paelinn forged something of a working relationship with the temple itself. She gladly capitalized on the temple's telepathic awareness and potent necromantic powers to bring intruders to heel.[4]


Despite her young age, Paelinn managed to become a highly accomplished divine seeker in the hierarchy of the cult of Kiaransalee, able to call upon powers held only by the most elite of her kind.[4] During the Silence of Lolth in 1372 DR, she was stationed in the Undying Temple in Maerimydra as part of her service to the cult. Among those under High Priestess Irae T'sarran, Paelinn was perhaps the only one who took an active role in defending the Undying Temple and would try to stop intruders from causing too much havoc. Although fervent in her protection of Irae's efforts in the Undying Temple, Paelinn still paid homage and respects to the cult's leaders from the Acropolis of Thanatos in V'elddrinnsshar.[4][1]




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