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Pag Hou Ling was a steward in Tabot in 1357 DR.[1]


Pag's mother hailed from T'u lung. Since the age of 15, he started working for the council kashag serving the dzong-pon of Tsetu for ten years. Later, for six years, Pag worked as an itinerant secretary in the southern districts.

In 1355 DR, after he successfully defeated a group of Shou Lung bandits, Pag was appointed as dzong-pon of Chophon.

He demonstrated himself very capable, having rid the district of crimes. He made many pilgrimages and donations to the Do'dzin Gompa.[1]


Pag was the true epitome of a Tabotan: devoted to the extreme to the high lama and his dogmas and strong as iron.[1]



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