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Palischuk was a settlement in the northeastern corner of Vaasa.[1]


The city was located just south of the banks of the towering ice river known as the Great Glacier and east of the ruins of Castle Perilous.[1]


Palischuk was a ruined fortress city, rebuilt by half-orcs.[1]

Trade and relationsEdit

After Palischuk was rebuilt and reoccupied, its inhabitants succeeded in befriending other nearby settlements. As a result, around 1372 DR, it traded with Bloodstone Gate, Darmshall, and neighboring dwarves harmoniously, but humans still dealt with it cautiously.[1]


The majority of its residents were half-orc.[3]

Notable inhabitantsEdit

Notable locationsEdit



In R.A. Salvatore's works, Promise of the Witch-King, Road of the Patriarch, and The Bloodstone Lands,[5] the name of the settlement is spelled as Palishchuk, contrary to how is spelled in all other sources, even in map in The Bloodstone Lands.[6]


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