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Pandemonium Stone

Illustration of the Pandemonium Stone from The Plane Below: Secrets of the Elemental Chaos

The Pandemonium Stone is an ancient and extremely powerful artifact that exists in the Elemental Chaos. It is a spire more than five hundred feet tall and more than one hundred feet in diameter. The spire is in constant flux and consists of bone, flesh, ice, minerals, wind, wood, and other materials. It is roughly hewn, and fire, lightning, thunder, and extreme cold flare and crop up around the structure intermittently and randomly. Sometimes intense white runes in an unknown script crawl across the surface.[1]

The Pandemonium Stone manifests randomly across the Elemental Chaos, popping into existence in a powerful burst or eruption of various types of energy. It is unknown who or what created the Pandemonium Stone; the primordials and gods themselves claim not to have crafted it, although they knew of its existence since before the Dawn War.[1]

The primordial Bazim-Gorag is also known as the “Lord of the Pandemonium Stone.”[2]


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