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Pandorym was an Elder Evil from a distant dimension beyond the Faerûnian cosmology.

It was lured to Faerûn and imprisoned by the ancient Imaskari because they wanted it as a deterrent, a doomsday weapon to deter the vengeful deities of the Mulan from destroying Imaskar. Since Pandorym was very dangerous to the Imaskari themselves, they kept its body and mind separated. Both were stored in the Celestial Nadir, a demiplane created by the Imaskari, with its psyche kept in the Imperial Weapon Cache within the Palace of the Purple Emperor, which was shifted to this plane. In the end, Pandorym was never used, and Re, Enlil, and the other deities destroyed the Imaskari Empire in -2488 DR.[1]

After millennia of imprisonment, Pandorym's psyche partly freed itself when Datharathi miners from Vaelen discovered the Celestial Nadir in 1370[2] and mined the local crystal. Pandorym reached out through the crystal, which was used by the Datharathi family to produce artificial limbs and organs, and managed to control its subjects through these implants. Pandorym also shifted the Palace of the Purple Emperor back into the world, onto its original foundation in the Raurin Desert. During its imprisonment, Pandorym had foreseen the moment of its release, but also the possibility that Ususi Manaallin would prevent that. To impede this possibility, Pandorym reached forward through time and accidentally forged two competing timelines: one in which Ususi would be born and dread Pandorym's darkness, and another in which Qari Manaallin, an alternate Ususi, would be born with the ability to pierce any darkness. Both timelines existed together, and in the end, the blind Qari gave her darkvision to Ususi so that she could defeat Pandorym.[3]

In 1374, Pandorym attacked Deep Imaskar to take vengeance on the last descendants of ancient Imaskar, but, on Tarsakh 19, Ususi Manaallin, Iahn Qoyllor, Warian Datharathi, Kiril Duskmourn, and Prince Monolith succeeded in keeping Pandorym's body and mind imprisoned in the Celestial Nadir and the Palace of the Purple Emperor.[4][5][6]


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