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The Panicked Plague was a disease that afflicted the city of Mussum in the Vilhon Reach.[1][2][3]


The disease affected a victim's skin, turning it light green and covering it with welts and abscesses. Natural and magical treatments could do nothing to stop it. The disease killed quite quickly, perhaps in a day or less.[1][3]


In early spring of the Year of Full Cellars, 472 DR, the city of Mussum was struck by the Panicked Plague. Over the course of a single night, known as the "Eve of the Panicked Plague", over three-quarters of the population suddenly perished. The terrified survivors abandoned the city. Mussum remained plague-ridden even into the mid-to-late 14th century DR, with those venturing into the city still afflicted and slain by the unexplained disease.[1][2][3]


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