Panjuis, the Pixie Fortress, was a located deep within the Ama Basin in Kara-Tur. Most believed the location to simply be a myth.[1]


The fortress of Panjuis was actually a living castle formed by three giant trees. The diameter of the base of each tree measured 40 ft. (12 m) across. The trees rose 200 ft. (61 m) into the sky.[1]

The branches of the three trees twisted and coiled together to form the stairs and chambers of the fortress.[1]


Pixies inhabited Panjuis up until the early 14th century DR when their king, Teremon, died. Upon his death the fortress began to fall into a state of over-growth. The pixies began to disperse into the Ama Basin. Groups of bakemono attacked Panjuis, eventually defeating the remaining pixies and taking control of the structure.[1]



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