The Pantheist Temple of Tyr was a temple of Tyr the Just God on the Rock of Bral, an asteroid in the Tears of Selûne,[2] which orbited the planet Toril behind its moon Selûne.[3] Notably, it was the only temple to Tyr in Realmspace that did not lie on the planet of Toril, and its priests held a number of non-standard religious views.[2]

Although the clergy and their practices followed the rules of mainstream Tyrran faith on Toril, the priests here saw Tyr as a patron deity of good warriors in addition to his role as a god of justice. Furthermore, they viewed any lawful good god of justice or war as an aspect or avatar of Tyr, who they said went by different names in different places. In this way, the pantheist priests could receive divine spells in many crystal spheres where Tyr was otherwise unknown. Conventional priests of Tyr from Toril and lawful good warriors from any crystal sphere were welcomed at the temple, but tended to be troubled by the priests' views.[2]

The temple stood despite the Rock being a haven for pirates. The Tyrrans felt compelled to fight crime and injustice wherever they found it. Thus, they waged a number of small crusades and wars on crime on the Rock of Bral. Needless to say, the Tyrrans and their god were not popular there.[2]



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