Parbid was a tiefling Shadovar monk.


He was a member of Cavus Dun and the Brothers of the Gray Mists. He was the fighting partner and companion of Afafrenfere, a human Shadovar monk. He used a spear in combat.

Parbid was hired in secret by Effron the Twisted, along with several other members of Cavus Dun, to capture Dahlia Sin'felle and eliminate her companion Drizzt Do'Urden. Effron conspired in a secret plot to capture Dahlia to fulfill his personal vendetta and gain prestige with the Netherese Lord Draygo Quick, without Herzgo Alegni.

Parbid was killed by Drizzt Do'Urden, with a lightning arrow from Drizzt's bow Taulmaril during Cavus Dun's failed attempt on Dahlia Sin'felle in the woods of Neverwinter.[1]


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