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The Path of Enlightenment, known in Kozakura as the Way of Enlightenment, was the state religion of both Shou Lung and Wa and a popular one in Kozakura and other Kara-Turan countries.

It was based on some writings on the sheer granite of the Cliffs of Tanghai in the Hungtse River provinces. Legend said they were violently drawn there by red lightning. They admonished people to:

  • "Honor that which has gone before you. For the past is eternal."
  • "Honor and respect your Elders and the Ancestors. Show honor in word, thought, action and deed."
  • "Speak not false words, nor engage in false deeds, for these are not li (the term for rightness under heaven)."
  • "Do honor to he who rules you, for the Earth is the Mirror of Heaven, and the Son of Heaven is the mirror of the Celestial One. Be obedient to your lord."
  • "Engage in no base thing, nor commit murder, for to strike another in the name of anger is not li."
  • "Do honor to those you must rule, for under the eye of Heaven, they are your equals. Be fair to those you rule."
  • "Know that all things are One under Heaven, even the lowliest of creatures."

The Path encouraged people to obey their superiors and was a easy way for ruling dynasties to gain people's loyalty.[1]



The Path of Enlightenment seems to be based on Confucianism.


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