The Payits were one of the seven major ethnicities of Maztica,[1] inhabiting the lands of Payit and Far Payit in the east.[2]


A Payit individual tended to be short but muscular. Payits had deep, black eyes. They were wise, intelligent, and agile.[2]


The average Payit had a great sense of humor and was slow to anger. They had open minds and were quick learners. They were very proud of their cultural heritage.[2]


The Payits were an agricultural people who had a strong grasp of science and medicine. Men and women of knowledge and learning were highly respected. Women were granted all the same rights as men in Payit society.[2]

Payit society at the individual level depended on whether one was a citizen of a city or of a village. Cities offered many choices in education, where one could study the ways of the priesthood, astronomy, or arts of healing.[2]


The Payits spoke their own language.[3][4]


Most Payits worshiped the god Qotal. After 1362 DR, they no longer practiced human sacrifice.[2]


The Payits, being a peaceful people, were not overly skilled at war.[2]


During the Golden Age of Maztica, the Payits held one of the richest civilizations on all of Toril.[2]



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