Pegasi were a breed of magical beasts that, at first glance, resembled mere horses with large bird-like wings. Despite this, they had other avian features as well: their lower legs were feathered instead of furred and their manes and tails were also of feathers. They most commonly lived in temperate forests and were incapable of speaking Common.[citation needed]


Being wild and shy magical creatures, pegasi were not easily tamed. The most common way they were trained was after being raised from birth though sometimes a grown pegasus might be tamed, with a friendly attitude to the tamer, making a worthy steed indeed. Being goodly creatures, they would only serve good or neutral riders with an absolute faithfulness for life.[citation needed]

Along with their physical attributes, pegasi were also like birds in that they laid eggs rather than giving birth to live young.[citation needed] Pegasi laid eggs in nests high in the mountains, where only flying creatures can reach. These eggs are incredibly valuable on the market.[citation needed] A pegasus would mature at the same rate as a horse, however, and had somewhat similar habits.[citation needed]


A pegasus would serve as an aerial steed to a good natured humanoid.[citation needed]


Many pegasi revered the gods Eachthighern and Lurue. On Evermeet, their queen was Yathaghera.[2]


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