Pencheska was a succubus in the Doomvault dungeon in 1486 DR.[1]


Pencheska was a succubus summoned by a lich named Tarul Var of the Red Wizards of Thay, who quickly enslaved her.

In 1485 DR, under Tarul's orders, she caused chaos in Daggerford by posing as the human courtesan Natyssa.[2] Adventures ultimately unveiled her. Afterward, Pencheska was relocated to the lich's rooms in the Doomvault dungeon waiting for new orders from her master.[1]


Pencheska was unhappy with her situation as a slave of Tarul. She did not immediately attack the lich's enemies.[1]


Behind the scenesEdit

Pencheska also appeared in Scourge of the Sword Coast. The DM's notes for Dead in Thay suggest totally removing her if the PCs had not played the previous adventure.


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