Periapts of health were common magical items worn about the neck that prevented the wearer from contracting diseases.[1]


These items were crafted with a gem, which hung on a necklace of silver chain.[1] The gem used was often ruby, but lapis lazuli was also used, as it was cheaper.[3] Hematite was sometimes used in the crafting of this magical jewelry, as that stone was associated with the healing arts.[4][5] Those made with lapis lazuli sold for around 7,500 gold pieces.[1]

A periapt of health gave off a faint conjuration aura to one able to detect such things.[1]


When worn, the periapt prevented infection or contraction of any disease, including those of supernatural or magical origin.[1]


Anyone trained in the art of crafting wondrous magical items who also knew the spell remove disease could fashion this type of amulet.[1]


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