Perinsa Falmarya was a ghostwise halfling who grew up in the Chondalwood.[1]


Her tribe lived closer to the outside world than others. Perinsa grew up as a warrior in this society, hunting for and defending her people as the need arose. Perinsa could speak Common, Halfling, Undercommon, and Elven.


Perinsa was 3 feet, 2 inches (0.9 meters) tall. She was fairly pretty, but not interested in such matters.[1]


To those who would help her, Perinsa was a true friend; she was pleasant, or at least civil to those who meant her no harm. She reserved her anger for those who would hold ghostwise halflings in captivity, showing them no mercy. [1]


Perinsa's tribe often ran into conflicts with gnolls, wild elves, and centaurs. They roamed nomadically through the forest, trading or fighting with other tribes.[1]

When she was seventeen, a wizard led gnoll raiders against her tribe, leaving most of the halflings captured and enslaved. Perinsa was pursuing and fighting a gnoll when they fell down a small cliff, assumed to be dead. When she came to, she followed the gnolls to their encampment, where she saw her kin shackled in chains. She watched helplessly as the carts moved away, vowing to find every one of her lost tribespeople and free them.[1]


Perinsa wore a magic chain shirt and wielded a two-bladed sword with tremendous energy.[1]



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