Pertelope was one of the Chosen of the god Deneir and undoubtedly one of the most powerful headmistresses at the Edificant Library.[citation needed]


She was a headmistress at the Edificant Library and lived in a room above the great hall.[citation needed]

Pertelope was a mentor and substitute mother to the priest Cadderly Bonaduce. Pertelope meant even more to Cadderly after he discovered himself to be a chosen of Deneir.[citation needed]


The priestess was wistful, irreverent, and mostly more concerned with common sense than steadfast rules.[1]

Pertelope was a chosen of Deneir and reveled in her ability to hear Deneir's song.[citation needed]

She had an affinity for sharks and had loved watching them swimming in the water when going out fishing with her father.[citation needed]


In the time of the Chaos Curse, Pertelope lost herself in her affinity for sharks, resulting in maintaining a featureless torso covered by a shark skin with sharp-edged pentacles. Being half-human and half-shark made breathing air as poisonous to her as water.[2] She eventually passed away peacefully by Cadderly's side because of this.[3]


Pertelope's god bestowed on her powers granting prophetic dreams that always came true in time.[citation needed]


Pertelope always appeared as a neatly groomed, graying woman. Her hazel eyes had an inquisitive luster more common to a much younger person. After the Chaos Curse took hold on the Edificant Library, Pertelope became even more closed up in her clothing, wearing high-cut gloves and a long-sleeved, ankle-length gown, bound tight about the collar,[4] covering her transformed shark skin.[citation needed]




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