Pertelope was one of the Chosen of the god Deneir and undoubtedly one of the most powerful headmistresses at the Edificant Library.


Pertelope always appeared as a neatly groomed, graying woman. Her hazel eyes had an inquisitive luster more common to a much younger person. After the Chaos Curse took hold on the Edificant Library, Pertelope used to be even more closed up in her clothing, wearing high cut gloves and a long-sleeved, ankle-length gown, bound tight about the collar[1], covering her transformed shark skin.


The priest was wistful, irreverent and mostly more concerned with common sense than steadfast rules.[citation needed]


Pertelope was a chosen of Deneir, reveled in her ability to hear Deneir's song. She was a headmistress at the Edificant Library and lived in a room above the great hall.[citation needed]

She had an affinity for sharks and had loved watching them swimming in the water when going out fishing with her father. In the time of the Chaos Curse Pertelope lost herself in her affinity for sharks, resulting in maintaining a featureless torso covered by a shark skin with sharp-edged pentacles. Being half-human and half-shark left the air for breathing as poisonous to her as water.[2] She eventually passed away peacefully by Cadderly's side due to said ailment.[3]

Pertelope was a mentor and substitute mother to the priest Cadderly Bonaduce. Pertelope meant even more to Cadderly after he discovered himself to be a chosen of Deneir.[citation needed]


Pertelope's god bestowed powers granting her having prophetic dreams which always came true in time.[citation needed]

Appearances in booksEdit

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