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Phaan Colwyvv is the Tessarch of Amn. He is one of only two surviving members of the original Council of Six set up in 1333 DR. At this time, he entered the council as a Pommarch, but rose to Iltarch in 1345 DR and Tessarch in 1362 DR. Phaan has a hooked nose and is notoriously miserly, focusing on finances and ways to make more profit. He has a cold manner.[1]


Phaan knows Iltarch Rhinnom Dannihyr well but trusts him little because they worked together as Shadow Thieves, where Phaan was a spy, nicknamed "Shar's Gallant". Phaan killed all five of his older brothers to become the head of the family, but the family's power was decreasing in 1333 DR, at which point he was invited to join the Council of Six by Thayze Selemchant.[1]


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