Phantom plow was a divine magic spell available to clerics and druids of Chauntea. It caused a deep, straight groove to form in the earth, possibly causing creatures in its path to fall. It also revealed any dweomers cast on the ground.[1]


This spell could not be cast upon consecrated ground, nor would its effect enter consecrated ground. The plow also stopped at a wall, but hit the wall with the force of a ram. If the plow encountered any dweomers on the earth along its path, such as phantasmal terrain for example, that part of the ground sparkled with a bright crimson faerie fire for a few minutes.[1]

The furrow started at the caster's feet and drove in a straight line indicated by the caster for a distance of 100 ft (30 m). Higher level casters could increase this distance. If the caster's feet were not touching the ground, e.g., he or she were standing on the parapet of a castle or flying, then the range of this spell was 150 ft (46 m). Again, higher level casters could extend this range.[1]

All creatures standing in the path of the phantom plow suffered an unavoidable spill to the ground for a small amount of damage. They each got one chance to resist the magic of this spell and, if successful, the damage was halved. Glass or crystal items worn or carried also had one chance to resist or they broke. Creatures that were burrowing through, buried in, or phasing past the earth in the path of the spell took quadruple the damage with no chance to resist.[1]


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell.[1]


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