Lord Pharnth Aelorothi was a fey'ri diviner of House Aelorothi of Siluvanede and a member of the daemonfey in 1369 DR.[1]


He had a wiry build and a hawk-like nose. His bald head was adorned with many mystical tattoos.[1]


As a fey'ri, Pharnth had the unique powers to cast clairaudience and ESP once a day each, and was resistant to fire and electricity.[1]


Pharnth's consort was Saesaan Aelorothi.[1]


Pharnth was the lord and patriarch of the Aelorothi fey'ri among the daemonfey. His duties were to spy on the enemies of House Dlardrageth, which he did remotely with his divination powers, and he reported to Ryvvik Dlardrageth and his intelligence-gathering networks. He was a voice of restraint in the daemonfey council, and thus was increasingly sidelined.[1]


Pharnth was very cautious.[1]



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